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  Born & raised on the shores of New Jersey, Rick started playing clubs, private parties & stage shows at the early age of 11.  At 15 he started being featured on various TV variety shows, stage shows, as well as radio appearances in New Jersey, New York , Philly, New Orleans, Cleveland, Ohio & Orange County, California.


   After traveling half of the United States playing & singing with popular bands & name acts, he decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee where he performed 6 to 10 gigs a week, as well as becoming a staff musician at a demo recording studio.  That's when Rick started writing his own songs.  He opened his own recording business called "Reels on Wheels" where he would go on location with a remote studio to record artist's Live. 


   This business brought him to the Florabama on Perdido Key, Florida in 1989 to record the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival (an 11 day event).  Rick fell in love with the area with it's sugar white sandy beaches and incredible water's, and started booking himself at the Florabama & other local venues traveling back & forth from Music City.  Nine years later he made Perdido Key his home...1998


  (Rick's "Reels on Wheels" recorded every Frank Brown Songfest up till 2004's Hurricane Ivan... which destroyed the area Heavily, including the Florabama's Main Room where all the Magic Happened.........!)


It took a long time for the area to rebuild....but the Music & the Players, Singers &  local Writer's never stopped performing & writing.  And it's All back, & even Stronger...


    Rick is currently playing with a few different act's locally, including a very cool cat...Tommy Mazzullo. 


He also plays solo & with local musicians, but is proud of the band he has put together called


 the Perdido Brothers...currently performing at the Florabama frequently as well in the area.


   A few years ago Rick decided to do a lot more traveling and is enjoying the new places on


the planet that he has already  flown to, & looking forward to more excursions.   But then he


truely misses the stage & can't wait to get back to the beach.